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From “El Tango” you are very close to the main gastronomic, cultural and natural attractions of the city of Cordoba. These are just some of the activities you can do, but we can also put together tailor made tours or outings so that you can find that place or carry out that activity that you always wanted to do.

In the city

  • City Tour
  • The Cathedral http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Historical city council http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Square San Martin http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Manzana jesuítica http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • “Las Tejas” Park http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Güemes & Walk of the artisans http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • “Sarmiento” Park http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Jesuit Crypt http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Museums (day & night) http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Walk of “Buen Pastor” http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Church of “Los Capuchinos” http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png

In the countryside and the Sierras

  • Way of the stays (CaroyaJesús MaríaSanta CatalinaAlta GraciaLa CandelariaSan Ignacio). http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Candonga http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • House of Che http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Condorito Gorge http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Dique la Quebrada http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Paragliding in Cuchi Corral http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Skydiving in Alta Gracia http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Treks to Champaquí Hill, the highest hill in the province http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Villa General Belgrano http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • La Cumbrecita http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Path of the hanging bridges http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Los Gigantes http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Cavalcade Brocheriana http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Climbing in “La Ola” http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Quebrada del Yatán http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Los Terrones http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • Cerro Uritorco http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
  • City Tour in San Marcos Sierras http://img.fenixzone.net/i/6P5wpk0.png
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